Tarren Icehand

Tarren Icehand was the first of the Icehand Emperors. He was a powerful man, with a far reaching intellect, insight into human nature, strategic mind, and breadth of vision. He was afraid of neither politiking nor combat to reach his goals.

He was a tall man with wide shoulders, and strong arms. He had long blonde hair, and wore a short beard from the time after the Dugal Mountain Campaign, some say in honor of what was his greatest foe up to that point, Thrace Darksteel. He was an honest and proud man, but brutally swift to enact revenge or justice.

After the birth of his son, Nacen, he trained him in the field in war and in the courts and halls in diplomacy. Tarren allowed no tutors prominant access to his son and aimed to raise him as a strong emperor. Someone capable of ruling justly, fairly, and with sight on expanding the empire.

Tarren died of old age after having expanded the empire to nearly six times the size of what it had started as. He was a veteran of numerous military campaigns, having lead them from the frontlines, negotiated diplomatic solutions to war and annexation. He laid the groundwork for empirial law during his later years as his son fought the wars that continued to expand the empire. The entire empire mourned for a week when he passed away.

Tarren Icehand

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