Frozen Throne

The Frozen Throne military district is the premiere military district of the empire. It includes the three states of Magnacore, Kuluth, and Thane. It is located in the far north west of the empire, including the imperial seat itself. Throne still retains much of the splendour that was the empire at it’s peak, and some of the most highly skilled units in the Legion.

Throne was pulled together largely in part through diplomatic means after early successes by the Legion were capable of swallowing the city states that surrounded Magnacore. The domain of Kuluth was acquired through a peaceful treaty signed between the “prince” of the kingdom, Darent. The combined forces quickly took control of the top two thirds of the Throne region.

The country of Thane responded with a five year campaign, known widely as the Thane War, to stop the rapid expansion and protect themselves from the ever increasing might of the fledgling empire. Despite valiant efforts, the Legion placed early seige to the massive city of Thane. Tactical pre-planning allowed the seige to continue while the rest of the country was subdued town by town, until eventually Thane was forced to submit and joined the empire.

The next two years were spent in rebuilding the war ravaged country and in reorganizing the Legion to better fit the evolving means of warfare that would eventually become the trademark of the Legion.

The borders of Throne were solidified over the following three years in a series of border battles with the mountain dwarf kingdom of Irondeep, in the south, and their loosely allied Duergar relatives from Svalin Hold in the north. Both kingdoms controlled the two major passes out of Throne, Talinor Pass in the south and Erinor Pass in the north.

These encounters are collectively known as the Dugal Mountain Campaign and ended with the early submittal of Irondeep and the destruction of Svalin Hold. Throne’s borders were secured and became the staging point for even further expansion of the empire into the rest of Numeria.

Frozen Throne

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