Dugal Mountain Campaign

The Dugal Mountain Campaign was a three year bloody conflict between the empire and the dwarves of the Dugal Mountain Range. The intent was for the empire to gain control of the two two major passes out of the Frozen Throne Military District, the Erinor Pass and Talinor Pass.

The Irondeep dwarves in the south maintained a rigid hold on the pass with a section of the road that lead through the stronghold of Gilden Hold. The gates of which could be closed to seal of the Talinor Pass from either side. The Irondeep dwarves backed out of the fight after the first to year to sign a treaty with the empire. Advances in military technology and magical application, pioneered during the Seige of Thane during the Thane War, provided the empire with powerful artillery that allowed them to bombard the dwarven stronghold from safe distances to great effect. Rather than risk the obliteration of their kingdom, they opted to sign a mutual treaty that allowed the dwarves to maintain a presence in the hold and fair trade rights.

The Duergar of Svalin Hold in the north controlled the Erinor Pass from a similar structure, Durnbar Hold. However, the hold controlled the pass with the use of large walls instead of a strategic tunnel. The nature of the Duergar did not allow them to back down from the fight. One year of bombardment saw the near destruction of Durnbar Hold and it’s capture. It is widely believed this destruction was the reason the Irondeep dwarves backed out of the fight.

Unlike their southern cousins the Svalin Hold Duergar did not settle a treaty with the empire. They took the stance of dealing with a full scale invasion and continued to hammer the empire troops in a guerilla war. In retalliation the empire continued to move against them over the course of the next two years. Using a systematic approach and a no prisoners policy (in fact, only created to mirror the duergar’s own policy) the empire annhiliated city after city, eventually over running Svalin Hold itself and forcing the duergar into a final battle at Windy Crag that saw the end of organized hostilities and the death of Thrace Darksteel at the hand of the Frozen Throne Emperor himself, Tarren Icehand.

The remaining three months of the campaign saw the apparent annhilation of the Duergar from the face of Numeria. There are occassional reports of them being spotted still, but they are relegated more to the level of folk tales in this day.

Dugal Mountain Campaign

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