Fall of the Frozen Empire

For three generations the Frozen Empire has expanded from the northern reaches of Numeria to encompass thousands of square miles of territory. The land has flourished under the steady guidance of the Icehand Emperors.

The study of magic has progressed to amazing new heights directed by the powerful Conclave of Wizardry, that controls the spread and advancement of magic, including the amazing advancements of Ether Mechanics, awesome destruction of trained War Mages, and the ever present Watchers.

The arts of war have seen amazing advancements as well. The creation of the highly trained Legion, spread out amongst the four military districts: Frozen Throne, Northern Sky, Mighty Oak, and Fertile Earth. The Legion is tasked with maintaining order and peace as well as defending the Empire. This includes administering the highly codified laws in a strict and fair manner in public courts.

Religion and philosophy has also flourished. The Emperors have allowed an unprecedented free practice of religion. The laws allow multiple faiths and beliefs that have drawn some smaller countries into the empire without the need for the aggressive expansion techniques that it had employed in years past. Several large churches have developed and spread beyond their original locality. Schools of medicine and philosophy have developed.

The golden age is disappearing as the empire begins to fall apart. The last emperor, Devon Icehand died suddenly, leaving no heir. The chain of succession has been broken and the seat of power in Magnacore has sat empty for the last 20 years. The Senate argues about succession still, while each district is forced to attend to their own needs in the face of aggression from their neighbors, both veiled and active. The most powerful empire the world has ever seen is on the brink of falling apart, while darker portents hang on the horizon…

Fall of the Frozen Empire